Pool Service Options & Rates

1. Weekly Pool Service
2. Bi-Weekly Chemical Only Service
3. Vacation Service

Weekly Pool Service - Starts at $100.00 a Month

1. Sweep Pool Deck and Surrounding Areas
2. Water Analysis
3. All Chemicals
4. Equipment Monitoring
5. Pool Brushing and Skimming
6. Emptying Baskets/Canister
7. Vacuuming and Backwashing as needed

Bi-Weekly Chemical Only Service - Estimate Required

  1. Water Analysis
  2. All Chemicals
  3. Equipment Monitoring

Vacation Service - Estimate Required

We offer a vacation service as well. Going on vacation or out of town?We’ve got you covered!


1. $15 Off Your First Month Of Pool Service
2. For new customers, you will receive $15 off your first full month of weekly pool service
3. $20 Discount For New Customer Referrals That Sign Up For Any Pool Service
4. Prepay For Any 12 Months Of Service And Receive 13 Month Free

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